Bulbs without polarity shine in any position regardless of + and - in the car. If the description of the bulb says Polarization YES, it means that the bulb is lit only in one position. If you put the light bulb in and it does not light, remove it and insert it the other way round - change the poles 180 degrees.

If the bulb has CANBUS: YES, it means that the built-in electronic system in your car will not display the error of a burnt bulb if your car has a CANBUS bus. If your car does not have a CANBUS bus, or you do not know if it is, choose a light bulb that works with the CANBUS bus. However, if you are sure that you do not have such a CANBUS - you can buy any bulb with the CANBUS parameter and without CANBUS.

I bought a CANBUS light bulb and I still have a burnt bulb error:
The CANBUS system has the same name in every car, but there is no standard for this system. Each brand sets the system to a different sensitivity, differences are even found within one brand but different car models.

The bulbs we offer work properly in most cars, but they are particularly capricious.
In fact, we are 100% sure only after installing the bulb - then we know whether it fits or the error is displayed.

The capricious models are especially the VAG group:

Audi A4 B7
indoor bulbs work without problem, bugs are with every outdoor lighting bulb.

Use of filters / resistors

Audi A3, A6, S series
error in the case of daytime running lights

Use of filters / resistors

Seat Leon 1P from MY2011
error in the case of daytime running lamps, direction indicators

Use of filters / resistors

H4 is off, or only one of the lights is on:
Only after the appearance of LED bulbs, it turned out that already at the stage of car production, cables are often swapped.+and-powering the bulb. In the case of traditional incandescent bulbs, it does not matter in the slightest, but when using LED bulbs it is important that the connection is correct.

In the case of the H4 bulb, it is usually enough to swap the two cables supplying the voltage to the bulb, the replacement is simple because, as a rule, all you need is a screwdriver and inserting the tips. It is about the two ends that are parallel to each other. The picture shows how the power should be connected. I would like to emphasize that this is not an invention of LED manufacturers and that is how each bulb should be properly powered.


What bulb is in my headlight?
Car manufacturers install different headlights in one car model, which differ in terms of construction and design. It depends on the version of the equipment, the options ordered, the market for which the unit was intended and other factors known only to the manufacturers. In the case of used cars, it is possible that the previous owner may have made a modification.
Therefore, before buying, check what type / model of bulbs has been used in the vehicle


Do I have an HB3 or HB4 bulb?
HB3 and HB4 bulbs are almost identical, the difference is in one place. In the plug, when we see two pins, at the top, from the inside, we see one or two micro guides. In the case of the HB3 bulb, there are two guide rails at the top, and in the case of HB4 bulbs there is one guide. This is the only difference.

I bought a W21W / 5W - 7443 bulb, it burned immediately after I stood up
The problem lies in the incorrect connection of the cables in the bulb socket. In the book, the control of which fiber should glow should be with plus + and the mass - should be common for two fibers. It turns out now that customers are changing light bulbs from ordinary to LED that these connections are not always correct. For an ordinary traditional light bulb, it does not make any difference, but for the LED replacement, the correct connection of the cables is of great importance. The bulb burns out almost immediately if it is connected incorrectly. Such damage is not eligible for warranty replacement. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check if we have the correct connection of the plus + and ground - cables.

Difference between H8 and H11
The bulbs "by eye" look almost identical, but there is a slight difference. each of these bulbs has 3 wings which we put into the socket and twist to attach the bulb. H11 bulbs have a narrow left and right wing while the middle wing is wider. However, in the case of the H8 bulb, the left wing is wider than the others. The difference in width is about 2mm.

How do I convert a traditional light bulb to an LED light bulb?
Changing from a traditional light bulb to an LED light bulb is very easy. You take out an ordinary light bulb, put in an LED light bulb and that's it. Minimal energy consumption - 10 times less power consumption - saves your battery and is very eco-friendly.

Do I need a special electrical installation?
LED bulbs work with traditional electrical installations.

Are LED bulbs shockproof?
High resistance to mechanical damage (vibrations, shocks)!

Are LED bulbs sensitive to voltage drops?
LED bulbs are not sensitive to voltage drops even up to 40%

How long do LED bulbs last?
Very long service life!

The lifetime of traditional incandescent bulbs is on average 1,000 hours, halogen bulbs up to 2,000 hours, and LED bulbs up to 50,000 hours!That's 15 years of LED lighting with approx. 9 hours of lighting a day!

How much time do LED bulbs need to shine at full power?
They light up with full force immediately after being turned on. However, when turned off, they do not consume any more electricity. Frequent switching on - switching off does not affect the service life and failure rate.

No UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) radiation harmful to health.

Are LED bulbs ecological - penvironmentally friendly?
In accordance with the RoHS directive, they do not contain substances such as mercury or lead. Low energy consumption also lowers CO2 emissions.

They do not require special disposal. They are disposed of in the same way as any electronic equipment. They meet the high requirements of CE and RoHS standards.

Warranty, proof of purchase.
We issue a sales confirmation document for each purchase.

We provide a 12-month warranty.
We offer high-quality, defect-free products with top-class LEDs.

Complaint, return.

Information on complaints and returns can be found in the store regulations.


Upon receipt of the package and in the presence of the courier, please check that the products in the package are not damaged (broken, crushed, etc.), even if the condition of the package does not raise any objections. In the event of damage to part or all of the goods, please report the damage to the courier and request a report. Please also make sure that the courier does not write untruths in the report, in particular, that the option of poorly securing the goods during transport is not selected.

In the event of damage to the parcel during transport, you can claim compensation from the courier company yourself or submit this procedure to us by sending us an e-mail with a drawn damage report along with the relevant information.

We ensure that the products shipped by us are whole and undamaged at the time of shipment to customers. Packages are carefully packed and clearly marked with a red DO NOT THROW / FRAGILE sticker.

Where is the purchase document and warranty?
According to the information displayed when placing the order and sent to the customer by e-mail, the documents are sent electronically by e-mail. This procedure allows us to significantly shorten the time of order fulfillment. The store system records whether the customer has already downloaded the documents confirming the purchase (invoice, warranty) and if the customer has not downloaded such documents, it automatically sends an e-mail notification about the availability of documents.

If you have an account in our store, you can download your documents at any time, just log in. Persons who do not have such an account receive documents only by e-mail to the address provided by them when placing the order.

We do not send documents in a package!

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