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Flexible daytime running lights under the hood 150cm DRL LED 12V + WOW


Daylight, waterproof, flexible,

under hood mounting,


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ELASTIC DRL LED Daytime Lights + WOW
1.5m waterproof flexible

DRL daytime running lights are made with the latest technology, improving the quality and effect of the light. The light is stronger, more visible, uniform across the entire plane. Pure white light with a WOW effect when starting the car.

The lights are practically invisible if they are not lit.

Lights are weatherproof, very flexible - can be bent to fit the curvature of the hood.

Very easy to install both to the mask and to the front belt. The tape is adhesive on both sides. We simply stick the lights where we want them. It is important that the center of the tape coincides with the center of the mask, and if the tape is too long, we tuck it on the sides. The tape cannot be cut, so it is available in different lengths from 0.6m to 2.0m.

Please measure what length of tape you need before purchasing.

Simple connection:

  • black is ground -12V
  • red to plus +12V

Technical data:

  • protection class: IP 67
  • Power supply: 12VDC (11-14V)
  • Dimension of lights: 0.5cm x 1.2cm x 150cm
  • Current consumption 12.5W
  • Light color Xenon White ~5500k - white
  • Output luminous flux: 2200lm / pc
  • Operating temperature -35 o to +55 o C


  • very easy installation
  • low working temperature - no heating up
  • power consumption: many times lower
  • efficiency: high (up to 97%)
  • shock resistance
  • immediate start
  • resistant to frequent switching on and off
  • durability: resistant to burnout, voltage spikes during startup
  • lifetime: 30,000 hours

Certifications: CE

Product Details
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Data sheet

Input voltage (power supply)
Light color
Xenon White ~5500k - white
Output luminous flux
Leakage class
IP 67
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