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DRL Daytime running lights + Dynamic Turn Signals + WOW LED


Daytime running lights + Dynamic Turn Signals + WOW effect on start, 

waterproof, flex, uniwersal type

Kit: 2x DRL lamp 23cm 

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Daytime running lights + Flowing Turn Signals FLEX LED + WOW efect on start.

Kit: 2x DRL lamp 23cm  

The flexible strip is made in the latest technology, improving the quality and effect of lighting. The light is stronger and more visible. Daylight is strong and uniform along the entire length. The Flex LED strip is resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions.

As standard, the strip lights up in white, and after turning on the direction indicators, white goes out and the strip flashes orange (flowing direction indicator). After switching off the direction, the bar will light up in white as daylight after about 2 seconds. In addition, at startup, we have a WOW effect, i.e. the light appears in sequences until it lights up completely. The sequence effect is light blue - cool white. The lights then switch to pure white - daytime running lights.

Easy connection:

  • black is the mass of -12V
  • red to plus + 12V daytime running lights DRL
  • green to plus left and right turn signals. + 12V
  • yellow or white to plus + 12V, if at the same time plus is given for day and we give plus for this cable, the lights can shine bright blue, this is an additional effect that does not necessarily have to be connected.

If we do not want to use turn signals, we simply do not connect the green cable.

The strip is really flexible.


  • Voltage:     12V  (11-14V)
  • Light color:     Xenon White  ~5500 K + Orange 1500K + ice blue
  • Luminous flux:  2300 lumens / piece
  • Length of the FLEX LED strip: about 60cm
  • Tightness class: IP 65
  • Working temperature:    from -35 to +55 degrees C
  • The set includes mounting brackets and screws

Price per set: 2 pieces

Each product is checked individually before shipment.


  •  low working temperature - does not cause heating  
  •  less power consumption
  •  high efficiency (up to 97%)
  •  shock resistance
  •  immediate start
  •  resistant to frequent switching on and off
  •  lifetime: up to  50,000 hours
  •  warranty: 12 months

Certificates:     CE

Product Details
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Data sheet

11 - 14V
Light color
White, Orange, RGB
Luminous flux (Lumens)
2300 lm / piece
Working temperature
from -35 to +55 degrees C
23 cm
The degree of tightness
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